Jake Columna

Update 11/22/2021

OK, SO, UPDATE… Rereading what I wrote last… Growth, man. To be honest, that was the culmination of taking small comments, generally delivered as jokes, and taking them to heart…. and creating fake scenarios in my head, and then getting mad at them. Not entirely. Depression is a fickle thing. After taking a break from shooting and talking to a bunch of people about it, I’m definitely ready to get back into it. I mean, kinda… I’m in the middle of packing and moving into a new house so all my gear is lost in a sea of boxes and bins. I have film from my recent trip to Seattle that I haven’t gotten a chance to develop yet and some digital photos yet to be edited. I will say it was a struggle to find that drive. Hopefully a garage (studio space FTW) and a massive back lawn (OUTDOOR STUDIO SPACE FTFW) will help spark some stuff.

Last thing before I leave again for a bit, if you haven’t noticed there’s a red chair in some of my photos. She’s an old wingback chair from Wisconsin (or Missouri idk) that someone probably died in. I got it in return for giving someone a piano I snagged off craigslist for free. Her name is Laverne and she’s a running theme in most of photos. Kind of a bitch to move but boy, is she worth it. You can find her on Instagram #lavernethewingback

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