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I’ve dabbled with this in my bio a little but I’m gonna dig a little deeper here. Much like most aspects in my life, I thrive for growth. Creatively in this case. I’ve been an advocate for growth and will always continue to support those who crave the same. Constant change is something that I feel we all need to be comfortable with, whether good or bad. Each experience is a learning one, and we should be able to apply these learnings to the next.

I started shooting regularly about two-ish years ago. Funny thing is, when I started out, and people knew I was starting out, they we’re all supportive as hell. Like, damn. I could do this all day. Everyone was so willing to offer advice that I know I needed, especially being fresh to the scene. Fresh to this art medium. Now two-ish years later, I’ve been hearing quite a few of the same people still giving me almost the same advice. You’ve seen me learn how to walk, but now that I can run, I’ve been doing it wrong?

Like I said earlier, change is a big thing for me, so the amount of change my artwork has gone through is significant and there are no signs of me slowing down. Big shoutout to the people who’ve acknowledged that change and have supported me along the way. I don’t have the words to truly express how much it means to me.

Taking advice is tricky because sometimes you don’t know what to do with it. You do have to learn how to walk before you can run. And that path is different for everyone. Many people along the way may offer advice that could get you sprinting or keep you where you’re at. It’s up to you to determine which would get you running at full speed. Lol. Metaphors. Point being, the moment you decide what to do with your work, once you’re sprinting full speed, your art is yours. Not theirs. Don’t let them tell you how to make your art. If they want to support it, GREAT. If they don’t. Fuck ‘em.

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